Renovation of the heating, ventilation and cooling system of the Continental manufacturing halls in Otrokovice

For our key, long-term customer Continental Barum Otrokovice, one of the prestigious manufacturers of Continental tires, we won the Summer imigation project. Construction has been underway since December 2020.

Reconstruction of the ventilation system of monobloc SO 101 and SO 103. Work started with the 1st stage of part of the press room with an area of ​​approximately 25,000 m2 of the existing hall. The work is being done in stages while the investor remains under full operation. The main activity is the dismantling of the existing HVAC equipment and the installation of 36 new units from the manufacturer Janko Radotín. The new HVAC units are located on the steel structures newly built on the existing roof of the SO 101 and SO 103 halls. This is a complicated installation of 350-ton steel structures on the existing building. The installations are carried out using three stable cranes. Together with the air conditioning installation, the reconstruction and expansion of two substations and the installation of new transformers are simultaneously being carried out. The ventilation system is also equipped with an external source of cooling using condensing units. The date of completion of the 1st stage is March 2022.

The second stage of the work is part of SO 103 with an area of about 35,000 m2, again the dismantling of the existing ventilation equipment and the installation of new load-bearing steel structures with a total tonnage of 400 tons. The steel structures are placed on the existing roof and 24 new ventilation units are installed in them each with a capacity of 50,000 m3 per hour. Part of the 2nd stage is the reconstruction of the high voltage supply from the existing substation. The installation of all equipment also takes place while full production is in operation. The work is carried out in stages from assembly platforms and scaffolding suspended under the existing ceiling structure of the plant. The installation of the steel structures and equipment on the roof involves deploying 3 stable cranes, which had to be placed inside the building at a distance of 115 m. Completion of the work of the 2nd stage is planned for March 2023.

  1. phase
    construction period 1/2021 – 3/2022
  2. phase
    construction period 6/2021 – 3/2023

What we did

  1. 01 Dismantling of the existing VHAC
  2. 02 Installation of 60 new VHAC units
  3. 03 Installation of steel structures
  4. 04 Reconstruction and expansion of two substations and installation of new transformers
  5. 05 Reconstruction of the high voltage supply from the existing transformer station.

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