Reconstruction of the wardroom in the Tatra area

The subject of this contract was the construction modifications of the existing building in the Tawesca production hall. The production hall is located in the cadastral area of Kopřivnice, in an industrial area. The building was used for office space, but also for storage of small auxiliary materials. Now the 1st floor and the 2nd floor are exclusively used as offices for designers.

The building has three floors. The building has a rectangular plan with dimensions of 14.45 x 7.50 m. The height of the building in the hall is 7.30 m. The building is of a wall system and with auxiliary columns inside the layout.

There have been changes to the layout and use of the 1st and 2nd floor, and new window openings have been knocked out in the brickwork towards the hall and the polycarbonate cladding. The spindle staircase together with the lift shaft was removed. The ceilings were supplemented with plasterboard ceilings. All surfaces of the structures have a new finish (plaster, tiles).

The reconstructed floor area of the building is approximately 190 m2.
Investor: PROMET GROUP a.s. Price: approx. CZK 3.6 million excluding VAT

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