Greening of PROMET FOUNDRY in Vsetín

VAMOZ-servis, a.s. participates in the implementation of the greening project as a technology supplier for the general contractor IMOS Brno a.s. The subject of the contract is the reconstruction of the existing foundry of grey and ductile cast iron to improve the ecological parameters of operation corresponding to current standards. This is the largest project in the history of the foundry.

It includes the reconstruction of the foundry building, including a complete reconstruction of the roof and perimeter cladding and insulation, the installation of new technological equipment including HVAC, energy distribution systems and induced structural modifications. The implementation of the contract will significantly reduce fugitive emissions of particulate pollutants from the foundry operation.

As part of the modernisation of the technological equipment, a new melting furnace including extraction and filtration, new extraction and filtration of the automatic moulding line, new blasting equipment including extraction and filtration, a new manual moulding line including extraction and filtration, new core production equipment, an annealing furnace, a painting booth and reconstruction of workplaces in the casting cleaning plant and, last but not least, the delivery of new overhead cranes.

The greening of the foundry also ensures a reduction in dust emissions from the operation of the process equipment. The dust technologies are equipped with efficient extraction and filtration equipment, which significantly reduces the emission of dust particles into the air and meets the legislative requirements by a margin.

What we did

  1. 01 Reconstruction of the foundry building
  2. 02 Reconstruction of the roofing and envelope
  3. 03 Thermal insulation
  4. 04 Installation of new technological equipment including HVAC
  5. 05 Installation of power distribution systems
  6. 06 Building modifications

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