Extension of the LEV storage hall on the SCHOTT site

The new LEV warehouse extension was built on the site of the existing small warehouse building. This building was removed by demolition works. This was followed by the actual construction of a single-storey, unbasement extension with dimensions of 15.68 x 30.65 m and a flat roof.

The load-bearing structure was made of precast reinforced concrete skeleton, which was based on concrete footings. The cladding was made with system sandwich panels, including the floors made of wire concrete slab. The façade windows and doors were made of aluminium profiles. The door to the storage hall was made of sectional steel. The implementation included the provision of heating, electrical and sewage systems, including a storage tank.

What we did

  1. 01 Demolition works
  2. 02 Site preparation
  3. 03 Pile driving
  4. 04 Earthworks
  5. 05 Installation of steel structure including floors
  6. 06 Implementation of cladding including windows and doors
  7. 07 Heating installation
  8. 08 Electrical installation and sewerage

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