Construction of the new Tatra Trucks service center

In the period 06/2021 to /2022, a new hall of the TATRA TRUCKS service center was built. The new hall contains a service section with working pits for repairing trucks and office facilities for employees. The working pits contain the latest technology for truck repair and service. Within this hall, new places for collecting liquids such as oil, brake and coolant fluids were built, all in compliance with the high requirements for environmental protection and ISO 14001 standards.

The new service hall also has a bridge crane, exhaust gas extraction equipment, compressed air system, heating in the form of radiating panels, air conditioning and new lines for the necessary utilities. Offices and a room for HVAC are located in the administrative facilities of this service hall. The project also included outdoor works such as paved areas for servicing vehicles, including fencing and other landscaping.

The second important part of the project consisted of the construction of new areas for receiving repairs, the so-called visitor and presentation center, where the social facilities were reconstructed, new wiring and energy-saving LED lights were installed, new surfaces were laid out and the equipment of the service center deployed. The customer center, including the service hall, was ceremoniously opened in 9/2022 by the managing director of the automaker, Pavel Lazar, and Denisa Materová, a member of the board of directors of PROMET GROUP.

construction period: 6/2021 – 6/2022

What we did

  1. 01 Earthworks and building the foundation
  2. 02 Vertical and horizontal constructions and lintels
  3. 03 Floors and paved surfaces
  4. 04 Interior and exterior wall modifications
  5. 05 Working pits
  6. 06 New collection points for hazardous fluids
  7. 07 HVAC equipment
  8. 08 Outdoor paved surfaces

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