Construction of the H6 production facility in Brandýs nad Labem

In 2020 and 2021, the H6 production building was built on a turnkey basis on the site of Continental Automotive Czech Republic in Brandýs nad Labem as an extension to the existing H1 building, in the Design & Build mode, including procuring the construction permits and certification of the building. Touch screens for the needs of the automotive industry are installed by workers in the building. The building also includes testing laboratories, storage spaces and the necessary technical and administrative facilities. For production, a clean space with ISO7 class cleanliness was built on the ground floor of the building on an area of ​​approximately 2000 m2. The 1st floor of the building houses the HVAC machine room and the utility lines and manifolds such as heating, cooling, fixed sprinkler equipment and demi-water distribution.

It is a two-story rectangular building with dimensions of 81.9 x 32 and a height of 11.2 m. The building is made of a reinforced concrete prefabricated skeleton on a pile foundation with internal central columns and a flat roof. The cladding consists of sandwich panels.

Built-up area of ​​the H6 extension: 2 500 m2

Built-up volume of extension H6: 3 1770 m3

What we did

  1. 01 Earthworks and foundation construction
  2. 02 Vertical and horizontal constructions and lintels
  3. 03 Floors and paved surfaces
  4. 04 Internal and external wall modifications
  5. 05 Plumbing and fittings
  6. 06 Insulation against ground moisture and waterproofing
  7. 07 Thermal insulation
  8. 08 Final landscaping
  9. 09 Clean areas.

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