Construction of the foundation slab with a fire wall of the SO229 FGW warehouse in Otrokovice

In 2022, the umpteenth building under the name SO229 – FGW warehouse – was built for our key client Continental Otrokovice. It involved the construction of a reinforced concrete foundation slab with a prefabricated fire wall designed for a new warehouse building with a capacity of one million stored jackets. The project included demolishing a bridge, the SO180 warehouse building, followed by the preparation of the area, construction of the paved surfaces and installing lightning conductors, grounding wires, water pipes, retention tanks, sewers and the preparation of utility networks.

The project involved 10,000 m3 of concrete and 1,000 tons of reinforcing steel.

What we did

  1. 01 Demolition work
  2. 02 Landscaping
  3. 03 Constructing paved areas
  4. 04 Preparation of utility networks

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